Young Enterprise Crimbo round up

The Christmas Fair at St Nick’s in Bristol went really well with the girls making nearly £300. There was some tension amongst the ranks when the scheduling for being on the stand wasn’t adhered to and the stand was left under-staffed. In the end two more warnings were issued. There were no calls to shuffle the Director roles so we’ll have to see in the New Year how they settle back down to business.

With the year end is approaching, stylEco are planning their new range for next year (Valentine’s Day is worryingly close).

Finance are facing a rough time with people not following protocol and purchasing items for the company that haven’t been discussed. I pointed out that if they have a process for authorising purchases (which they do) and people buy things without following that process (which they are) then they’re not obliged to reimburse those directors.  But when those directors are also friends and classmates it’s another layer of complexity.

So another year beckons, more trade fairs, product lines, opportunities and I’m sure high emotions.

It’s rarely dull in start-up land and when the start-up comprises 20 Sixth-form girls it’s anything but.