Social Media – build Understanding

Understand: to perceive what is meant; to accept tolerantly or sympathetically This is the sage advice about having two ears and only one mouth, listen to what is going on. Even if you already have a very strong market leading brand; before you wade in, listen and observe (lurk in the parlance). The social norm’s… Continue reading Social Media – build Understanding

To finish first, first you have to finish

With the econoclapse in full effect, most companies are cutting back, trimming the fat, stopping non-essential spend. Which is good, but what if the budget you’re about to slash is the one that’s keeping you alive? The trouble with businesses is that once they get bigger than a couple guys with laptops in a Starbucks… Continue reading To finish first, first you have to finish

Regional Strategy & Monty Python

Today was mostly spent in Exeter, at their new rugby stadium and conference venue (Sandy Park) at a consultation day for SWRDA’s new Corporate Plan. Ironically, given one of the Regional priorities is to be Carbon Neutral in new projects by 2011 and lots of folk had been persuaded to take the train, the trains… Continue reading Regional Strategy & Monty Python