Outside interests

In addition to our various ‘day jobs’, Sam and I also maintain a number of outside interests including various catering engagements. Some time ago, Sam began helping with the staff and artist catering backstage at the Cambridge Folk Festival. A couple years ago I joined her for the first time and we were back there… Continue reading Outside interests

Day at the Beach with Flexifoil

(Disclosure: this post relates to my work with Knowledge West, it also doesn’t have that much to do with technology, start-ups etc) One of the great aspects of my life is working with very cool companies that are doing very cool things and making very cool products. Unfortunately most of my work is around developing… Continue reading Day at the Beach with Flexifoil

Carrotmob Bristol an update

Well a lot has been happening and there are a couple of conversation threads so I thought I’d put up a quick ‘story so far…’ Craig Hellen (Pod Chains) brought up Carrotmob at the OpenCoffee meeting on 1 July. We were talking about Seedcamp and various ideas for supporting innovative new businesses across the South… Continue reading Carrotmob Bristol an update