Twitter + Festival + Bristol = Bristwestival

Ok, perhaps one word mangle that’ll never make it into the OED but Twestivals are taking over. At least until 12 Feb. Organised out of London (who says Brits and Europeans don’t “get” twitter) and with a global network within days, if not hours this is a fantastic demonstration of something that simply couldn’t happen… Continue reading Twitter + Festival + Bristol = Bristwestival

What’s the BizIdea?

[Disclosure: I attended in my role as Flagship Initiative Adviser for Knowledge West, we have the Knowledge West Enterprise Awards, which brings together competitors from the 6 University Business Plan competitions in the area. However, I’m not on that judging panel, nor this one, and my views here are not those of Knowledge West.] After… Continue reading What’s the BizIdea?

Open Coffee good in Bristol

Uploaded by suresh_gundappa on 17 Aug 06, 9.27AM BST. The nominal theme for this morning’s Open Coffee was ‘articulating your message’, or the art of the elevator pitch. Without wishing to do anyone (including myself) out of a job – go to this blog post and read it.  Actually might as well read the whole… Continue reading Open Coffee good in Bristol

Open Coffee launch details

I mentioned earlier on Twitter that I was hoping to confirm some additional support for Open Coffee, well Starbucks are getting behind us and offering free coffee, free muffins and free WiFi to attendees of Open Coffee at 9am Tuesday, 6 May. We’ll be downstairs at the Starbucks on Park Street (map). Kick off will… Continue reading Open Coffee launch details

Venue announced for Open Coffee Bristol

Great news; Open Coffee has a home. We’ll be meeting downstairs in the Starbucks on Park St (picture to the right should take you to the Google map unless I’ve mangled the html {quite possible}). Check out the Upcoming group for details; or turn up from around 9am. At the moment there are four coffee’s… Continue reading Venue announced for Open Coffee Bristol