Rona Rockstars

This is awsome!

Its sometimes difficult to explain to people what sailing training is really about. They tend to think of big square riggers a la Hornblower and the Tall Ships Youth Trust (which is part of it). Generally they believe me when I tell them that the young people do everything on board (sail handling, helming, repair work, cooking, cleaning, engine maintenance, navigation, etc), but that’s not what it’s really about. I try and explain that its about bringing a group of young people (that have never met before) together and over the course of a week help them form into an effective and social group, but that doesn’t really convey what it’s about.

As a volunteer Ships Captain with the London Sailing Project I could refer to our ‘mission statement’ which is accurate but a bit dry:

Our aim is to provide (through the medium of sea training in offshore craft) opportunities for young people and people with disabilities to acquire those attributes of a seaman, namely; a sense of responsibility, resourcefulness and team-work.

No more – I’ll just point them to this YouTube video, produced by the 22 kids and Afterguard (yes the Captain is in there) over 6 days sail training (plus a bit of post production) filmed between the UK, France and Channel Islands. They’re raising money for the project (visit to donate). Oh, and of course there’s the website and Facebook page.

Remember, those young people hadn’t met beforehand to plan that out, and because of the volunteer nature of the LSP, the afterguard (Captain, First Mate, Watch Officers and Watch Leaders) probably hadn’t met before either.