MyBlogLog back, but for how long…

I’ve been a MyBlogLog community member since Dec ’06 and have the sidebar widget to personalise and put faces to visitors (at least those registered with MBL). In the last upgrade to WP2.5.1 the widget didn’t get turned back on so was missing.

Then Google announced the launch of their FriendConnect (here on TechCrunch and all over the blogsphere).

I’ve pre-registered, see we get access, but that triggered me to see how MBL was doing (and the fact that the widget wasn’t there any more). So it’s reinstated, I like that it’s more personal than ClusterMaps (though that gives a nice global feel to the web). I don’t have a need or desire for folks to register with jbsh, so its nice that there are 3rd party services that can take care of that and show who’s dropped by in person.

I should admit that I do all my blog surfing via Google Reader so probably have a much smaller blog footprint than I did even 12 months ago, despite reading a much larger number of blogs, twitter streams, etc.