MoMo London – goin’ underground

Last night’s MoMo London was hosted by TFL and the presentations were on how technology was being used to the benefit travellers (almost exclusively in London, and largely on the underground).

Dan Appelquist got in a quick plug for Over the Air with BBC Backstage and Imperial College – mobile hackathone over 4-5th April; aiming for 450 developers. I think it’s a bit hardcore dev for me but I’m sure folks from Bristol are going (from the twitter-stream it looks like Dan Hilton, Dan W and Sam Machin are going at least).

Anyway, back to the evening; there was a sustained procession of projects, presenters, technology, slides, data, some information, and more than a few technology hiccups. Being in a bunker under the museam rather put the kybosh on mobile/gps demo’s other than canned examples. Everything was QIK‘d but the resolution and sound isn’t that great in places. Hopefully slides, etc will be posted shortly.

In general the Nokia 6131 received lots of kudos for its NFC with lots of contactless payment ideas being trialled and prototyped. There was some good networking going on (caught up with Chris Gare and his just launched Trymehere product, and found out about Cloud Made and their mobile focussed mapping from Nick; though I managed to miss Josie) the slight overrun and my skinflint purchase of a cheap non-transferable train ticket back to Bristol meant I had to dash ‘early’.


  1. Thanks for the write-up and for putting up with the less-than-smooth logistics last night. You forgot to mention that with 120 attendees, the place started to heat up like an oven pretty quickly. 🙂 Hope you can make it to our next event, happening on April 7th!

  2. Hi, John thanks for the mention – I notice that we first met at MoMo in January 2007 – you have a good memory! Thanks for the trymehere mention, appreciated. If anyone wants to try the service then send me an email to and I will send you a personal ‘Connect Request’ (our name for an invite). Cheers Chris

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