Wither animation on the web?

Last night was the launch of SkillSwap Gloucestershire, hosted by Gloucestershire Media Group. Based on the same successful formula as Brighton and Bristol, the evening brought together creative media types, digital tech types and a couple enterprising business types.

The venue was kept nicely informal at the Beehive in Cheltenham and expertise was provided by the Kevin Hapeshi (University of Gloucestershire‘s Head of Computing), though in keeping with SkillSwap most of the expertise was dispersed among the room and freely contributed by all. It was a good launch evening, and the ambition of swapping skills between two fairly disparate groups is noble (and needed). The two main coordinating groups brought a balanced mix of people in the room but the working title for the evening was a bit vague, perhaps future events will have a tighter focus.

Lets see what future swaps bring.