Enterprising Games – Social Media

Social Media – Join the Revolution; lead by Ron Edwards, Ambient Performance. I met Ron at a Futurelab Research Update event last year where he was showing off his Gizmondo and it’s ability to use the camera to resolve relative movement indoors. The result was a convincing AR experience that could have very cool serious (and not so serious) gaming implications. So I’m really looking forward to what he has to cover.

Virtual tour on del.icio.us (ron777- socialmedia – be where the eyeballs are – probably needs to qualify eyeballs?) – wikipedia entry for Social Media links to Scoble (16 Feb 2007)! One of the limitations of live presenting with Digg is you have to go with what the echochamber is talking about, which may not be what you’re trying to get across. It also demonstrates the dangers of information overload.

Lots on read web, some on the write (YouTube) not much on the conversation. USA Today , every story has comments as an example of some social interaction (though obviously you can’t submit in the same way you can on Digg. There are case studies about business value of social media (need to find). Can you have a virtual presence or representative of the market – game character’s blog. PwC tried blogging and ended up driving their Google ranking. Big challenge for corporate knowledge management being the redaction of content into usable content / knowledge.

One site identified as interesting & relevant (among many) was e-clippings & serious games on NING, just beginning to see cross over 3D & data driven social sites, building cultural library of gestures to make more realistic virtualisation of real world. Monetisation through ads, speaking, book links – but isn’t social media media about the conversation rather than the money (because of rather than for; I think – check Ajit)? My bad it was from Confused of Calcutta, just can’t find the specific conversation thread….

What about the echo chamber? Danger of not actually getting to the audience you’re hoping to.

more links to follow – 08:24, 03-07-07 (some links added, more if/when I get time)