Blood on the Boardroom floor

The revolving doors of senior executives are just as active at Young Enterprise companies as at Fortune 500 ones. In something of a shock move last week, StylEco decided to unseat one of their MD’s. Written warnings had been given, the HR policy had been followed and despite some dissenting voices the motion was carried.… Continue reading Blood on the Boardroom floor

Deadlines & Ultimata

One of the features of life in general is that things happen, quite often in a particular sequence and usually within a specific time frame. In this instance there’s a school play next week and a major sales opportunity at the St Nick‘s market that Young Enterprise SW put on for the companies. Except stylECO… Continue reading Deadlines & Ultimata

Communications meltdown

Back from half term and there’s been a bit of a communications meltdown, or more accurately a freeze since there hasn’t been any communications. The energy and enthusiasm of previous weeks is in danger of descending into chaos and anarchy.  Time to implement a more rigid adherance to process, agenda, action items and individual responsibility.… Continue reading Communications meltdown

Storm a-brewing

Just out of the Board meeting with this year’s Young Enterprise company from Colston’s Girls School. They’d decided that a freeform seating plan was adding to the normal chaos of starting a new company. So instigated a seating plan. They’d also identified some key issues to do with their development as a high performing team.… Continue reading Storm a-brewing

New company launch

Another year, another Young Enterprise company starts up. I’m acting as a Business Adviser for Colston’s Girls School again this year. Quite a large group of nearly 20 gathering after school to discuss their new venture. The usual chaos slowly subsided as roles were discussed and assigned. Despite the best efforts of their link teacher… Continue reading New company launch