Self-plagiarism, really?

Having been on the fringes of academia for so many years I have been able to balance theoretical knowledge and what ‘should be done’, with practical application and what ‘can be done’. Unfortunately or fortunately I’m not sure which, I had never had to explain the concept of plagiarism to a group of people that […]

New Research page

I’m always staggered by the amount of research that Sam’s doing. This has always been on her CV but never very public. So I’ve finally persuaded her to put some of the more recent links up here. As well as published work, we’re going to try and keep a running track of articles, posters and […]

Maxillofacial Conference Abstracts

Research is always fun to do. Part of that is figuring out how to actually accomplish what you want to do. However the bit which all bosses want are the outputs. After a considerable amount of trawling through medical notes, patient interviews, postal surveys and then data analysis, I and several doctors have written and […]