Going beyond – ‘teach a man to fish’

(Disclosure; I’m working with a Heliotrope, on their new product, Prelude, that we think addresses some of the challenges that Akhtar discussed relating to building individual, group and community understanding.) I was up in London on Monday evening at the SMARTLab at an invited talk by Dr Akhtar Badshah – Senior Director, Global Community Affairs,… Continue reading Going beyond – ‘teach a man to fish’

Chinwag Big Summer Party

I’m going, are you? I first saw the news that this was happening on Sam’s Vecosys blog and signed up right away. Things seem to be gathering momentum and the event promises to be huge. -Updated title-

We are incorporated

Just got the official letter in the post. jbsh Limited Liability Partnership (Partnership Number OC328773) is incorporated this day 04 June 2007. Now to read the 75 booklet on the Act and filing, accounts, etc… 🙂

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