Bleedin’ vs Leading edge

For the last few days I’ve been playing a new game on my phone. Nothing exciting there really, games have been on phones since Snake (Sam was a master on her old Nokia 6110). The game itself isn’t that original either, basically it’s capture the flag. So why the title? Several years ago I was… Continue reading Bleedin’ vs Leading edge

Getting interactive around Bristol’s historic harbourside

Sam and I stopped by the Watershed yesterday to try out a new blend of storytelling and technology. Picking up our PDAs and donning in-ear headphones, we were invited to step back in time and experience a slice of Bristol circa 1885. Over the next 90 minutes we walked around the historic waterfront area (starting… Continue reading Getting interactive around Bristol’s historic harbourside

A real Live Guy

A variation of igFest‘s Moosehunt came to Bristol yesterday in the form of Vodafone’s LiveGuy, his mission (which it looks like he accepted with eagerness): I’m travelling from the north to the south of Britain, laying down clues to my whereabouts. Your mission is to find me – and maybe even bag yourself a netbook.… Continue reading A real Live Guy

iGLab 2

Last night at the Pervasive Media Studio we gathered for the second iGLab. The (by now usual) silliness ensued with various games organised and played in the interests of research. If there was a comment for the next Lab it would be for a bit more reflection between games on strategies, game play, ways of… Continue reading iGLab 2

Serious fun in Coventry, part the second

This is one of a serious of posts about the Culture, Heritage & Tourism Technology Workshop at the Serious Games Institute on Tues, 4 March. After coffee Ron Edwards (Ambient Performance) kicked things off talking about mobile & location based goodness. His ambition was to ‘Be where the eyeballs are’. The most recent project was… Continue reading Serious fun in Coventry, part the second