Sandbox winners announced

We put a submission in but were unsuccessful so well done to everyone. There’s an interesting mix of ideas. Personally I can’t wait to see what HMC and Aardman come up with on Ani-mates. Harmonize sounds like a hyped-up Treasure Hunt or Challenge Annika and I’m sure that Power-to-the-People has been done several times before… Continue reading Sandbox winners announced

Pervasive Media planning

Following the Pervasive Media Sandbox event last week (photos here, there’s even one of me and the idea), I met up with Richard from Mobile Pie about the idea I presented and am intending to submit. We kicked a few options around and came up with a couple of tweaks that should get a functioning… Continue reading Pervasive Media planning

Money for everyone, if you can get through the tape

I spent a couple hours last Tues at a 3CR event as part of the Creative Technology Network learning about new and recent funding announcements. Nigel Derrett k (CEO, 3CR) kicked things off with an overview of the latest Technology Strategy Board’s Autumn 2007 funding competition. There are 8 subject areas, first 3 open now;… Continue reading Money for everyone, if you can get through the tape

Beyond the Console

I was at the Creative Technology Network event last Thursday: Beyond the Console. Toby Barnes from Pixel-Lab kicked things off with a very brief overview of some South West Screen sponsored research on the Games Industry in the SW (not yet on Pixel-Lab, SW Screen or CTN websites). Toby noted that the 5 year technology… Continue reading Beyond the Console