Storm a-brewing

Just out of the Board meeting with this year’s Young Enterprise company from Colston’s Girls School.

They’d decided that a freeform seating plan was adding to the normal chaos of starting a new company. So instigated a seating plan. They’d also identified some key issues to do with their development as a high performing team.
Team work
Enthusiasm (this wasn’t a negative but they’ve so much enthusiasm it’s hard to direct).

I try not to interfere with the team building side of things too much but had to point out the forming-storming-norming-performing ideas of high performance teams before they got too disconsolated at the ‘storming’ phase.

There were more storms in the meeting (and will be in the future I’m sure) but they got back on track and ended on a couple of high notes.

They’ve renamed the company and registered as stylECO (exact capitalisation to be decided). They also re-affirmed their starting product range and added decorative mirrors from recycled materials.

They also finalised the details on their first major finance raising idea.

Looks like being a lively and positive year.