So what do you do?

First Day In Spring! - Uploaded on March 20, 2009 by swisscan
First Day In Spring! - Uploaded on March 20, 2009 by swisscan

I join entrepreneurs with resources to grow the economic ecosystem. I use enthusiasm, inclusive networks & systemic thinking. How about you? (140 characters, gotta love Twitter!)

Spring is in the air, budgets are being reviewed, contracts renewed (or not as the econoclapse might dictate), a good time to move on, upwards (sideways at least), and to think about what it is that we do.

A couple of convergences brought this train of thought into words (apart from the stuff above).

I’m halfway through Sir Ken Robinson‘s “The Element”, recently finished Seth Godin‘s “Meatball Sundae” (and Tribes), and Plinky sent a couple of interesting prompts through (What do you do on a daily basis, and What’s your favourite gadget).

The first step to being able to help someone (entrepreneur, small business, community group, customer), is to understand what they do (or would like to be able to do). So I’m regularly approaching this challenge from both sides, explaining to folks what I do, and helping them explain to others what they do.

This is a variant on the elevator pitch, or the Hollywood pitch (depending on your attention span), and falls loosely under the topic of personal branding.

To a certain extent its a bit of fun, but its also very handy in figuring out which of the options available you should pursue.

So what do you (not your company) do?


It also explains my favourite gadget; my Touch Pro (and I’m looking forward to the Touch Pro 2). It allows me to stay connected to my loose networks (through gmail, twitter, sms), communicate with my direct network (via voice & Skype), helps me remember what’s going on (through GCal, RTM), helps me get to where I’m meant to be (through GMaps & GPS, and you can find me on Latitude), and helps me work away from the laptop (via Word Mobile, Evernote and the camera)!