Return of the Rocher

Just back from the nameless crimbo shindig. Copious very good home made mulled wine with whole orange, cloves, cinnaman, etc, lots of very good cheese and a fantastic pile of Ferrero Rocher.

Jaya,  Stuart and the nameless gang have had a great year taking on new projects and sticking to their ethical principles even though it meant turning down some big gigs. Sounds like they’re gearing up for an even better 2008!

Also caught up with Stephen Hilton from Connecting Bristol. Even though we woz robbed, there are lots of plans in the works with EU proposals looking good for innovative ways to use technology to be more environmentally friendly, better urban use of technology, etc. That’s definately one to watch and catch up on in the New Year. Quite a lot of activity in the two Universities on that front also.

Said farewell (again) to Susi O’Neill who’s back off up to the Midlands after a time with SWRDA. Might be some national activity around digital media and creative industries to watch out for.

Didn’t stop by Light Up Bristol – have a couple things to finish off back here, in tomorrow for that and then to Open Coffee / Beer / Christmas.