OpenCoffee Bristol keeps growing

Uploaded on January 7,
2008 by wabberjocky

Open Coffee continues to grow in Bristol with more new faces plus a good number of ‘regulars’.

There was a definite mobile-video thing going on (at least around the conversations I heard). Matt Thurling from Science.TV (a video sharing community dedicated to science communication) was a new face to OpenCoffee. He’s particularly interested in the iPhone and was one of the early adopters downloading it to see how it would fit with his particular offering. That project is still in gestation but Matt has announced today a collaboration with Clifton College (which is why this post is a bit late) that will see students devising their experiments, testing them, recording the evidence and then sharing those films with Science.TV’s global audience of scientists and students.

Following the iPhone and discussion about using video to record and provide a learning platform there was a side discussion about monetisation and hopefully there’ll be more anouncements or developments to see arising from that.

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