In theKnow

Got a bit overwhelmed with some work on another project, but spent a great hour or so with Sarah Baddley from Common Purpose on Friday.

She’s putting together a new programme¬† and we were discussing innovation, entrepreneurship, Bristol and the West of England. The most obvious (and recent) entrepreneurial success that came to mind was Ryan Notz at and his success at SeedCamp.

I also mentioned Venture Hacks and their series of fantastic entrepreneur-friendly posts on how to get a term-sheet together and how to negotiate with VCs and Angels.

We also touched on the SWRDA creative industry strategy, the Creative Economy Programme and some of the work that South West Screen has commissioned.

Lastly there was the new National Coordination Centre for Public Engagement between UWE and Bristol.

Sarah also pointed to the Equity Fingerprint which her father set up; I just found again on my links from 30 May last year – nothing is ever lost or forgotten on the web!