Entrepreneurship in Bristol

There have been lots of events and initiatives to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in Bristol. Two of the latest have been Simon starting Open Coffee Bristol and the Creative Technology Network (CTN), this last launched with some fanfare by Michael B Johnson (Moving Pictures Group Lead at Pixar Animation Studios).

Open Coffee is really beginning to build some momentum with a regular cadre and new folks dropping in to see what’s happening, which is nice. We still haven’t quite reached the attendance size or mix that Saul’s getting in London, which could be in part to the time the events are held. When Simon called the first OC Bristol event, it was a morning coffee at Starbucks next to Temple Meads train station. It was suggested that 8am wasn’t a good time for the creative crowd that are probably Bristol’s strong point (though mobile tech is putting in a good showing recently). So the time was put back to the evening and the location switched to the Watershed. Although we’re getting the innovative and creative crowd, we’re not really getting the investor crowd.

There are rumblings about a more focused approach to bring the innovators and investors together (probably in the New Year) which will tie in nicely with Speed Camp and their outcome. It will be great to see Bristol fulfil more of it’s potential, hope to have more to post shortly.

So when is the best time for innovators and investors to mix – 8am or 8pm?

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