Communications meltdown

Back from half term and there’s been a bit of a communications meltdown, or more accurately a freeze since there hasn’t been any communications.

The energy and enthusiasm of previous weeks is in danger of descending into chaos and anarchy.  Time to implement a more rigid adherance to process, agenda, action items and individual responsibility.

Fortunately Google Groups provide an excellent space to manage this through file uploads, email notification, calendar etc; unfortunately this group of digital natives aren’t the most familiar with online solutions

Then again, having just popped onto gmail – I see that they’re posting minutes! So things are looking up for the Agenda to be distributed ready for next week’s board meeting. Which is good as they need to pick up the pace to be ready for the Christmas Trade Faire here in Bristol towards early December. They also need to sort out their bank account, issue shares, do their market research, and produce their first-offs for market testing. Good job the enthusiasm of youth is present in abundance. 🙂