Banks lending again!

Uploaded on May 3, 2007 by reway2007
Uploaded on May 3, 2007 by reway2007

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That was the experience reported from this morning’s OpenCoffee and another reported positive feedback that more would follow. Of course this is bank lending so low risk, but at least it is funding to underwrite growth and expansion needs. Both reports were of the positive impact that the Enterprise Finance Guarantee is finally having for smaller businesses.

Elsewhere we had a couple of new faces with Brian Dorricott (ByNetWorks) and Ian Grimley (Roxburgh Milkins), well new to me, they came to the last OpenCoffee but I was in Plymouth that week. Along with the regulars we did a pretty good job of taking over the upper section of Starbucks.

Peter mentioned one of his clients was having some challenges with an old website that they’d had a “mate” set up and had since had a falling out. Within minutes Sam had his Macbook out and was sorting through how to change the Nominet & hosting set-up, Ian was providing legal commentary and everyone else was chipping in with business / technical thoughts. I think Peter just about kept up taking notes! 🙂

Nigel and I had a couple of good discussions about business developments and various grant awards that are available.

It was great to catch up with Brian again. After a successful entrepreneurial career of his own, he joined SWAIN for a spell before leaving to return to angel investing in his own right. Ever the entrepreneur we had a good discussion about his venturing experiences and a development idea he’s working on, and a business development / funding project I’m working on.

A great start to the day and lots of buzz around the tables.

The next OpenCoffee Bristol is a company demo session at SETsquared, courtesy of Nick Sturge on Tuesday, 21 April from 8.30am.

Please do book so we have some idea of numbers, and especially if you want to present your business / innovation, what you’re up to & what support / ideas you’re looking for.

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