5 Critical lists for Business Development

Uploaded on June 26, 2008 by Caros Lines
Uploaded on June 26, 2008 by Caro's Lines

Everyone likes a list, Darren Rowse says so! 🙂

So here’s my personal list of lists that I use when starting a business or helping others to start their business.

  1. 10 steps to writing a business plan, every business needs one, every investor has their own preferred style. These notes from Business Link are a solid reminder of the basics when bouncing between the business plan, investor plan, funding proposals, summaries, etc.
  2. 9 team roles. There are more ways of looking at a team than I care to try and remember. Belbin’s 9 roles work pretty well for me (even if there’s only 2 people in the team). They’re pretty focused on the effectiveness of the team, rather than the social ability to get on with each other.
  3. Many lists of population, economics, etc. Any business plan needs decent market research, the National Statistics Office is a fantastic resource for free, validated, high-quality data.
  4. 15 sources of Government help. Ok, officially there’s 30, the list says 29 and they’re not all relevant to entrepreneurs. However, there are 15 that are pretty handy for a start-up or business looking for support in their early years.
  5. 10 webapps that help you pull it all together. The link is to a Web Daily Worker list, my personal list would be:


  1. my list of interesting articles from around the web (via shared items from my GReader)

And the photo? Well I was going to write a post listing the people I look up to (another Plinky prompt) but that was proving too hard!


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