What’s the BizIdea?

[Disclosure: I attended in my role as Flagship Initiative Adviser for Knowledge West, we have the Knowledge West Enterprise Awards, which brings together competitors from the 6 University Business Plan competitions in the area. However, I’m not on that judging panel, nor this one, and my views here are not those of Knowledge West.] After […]

The smell of success (its not just the coffee roast)

Uploaded on March 4, 2007 by NguyenDai Just had an email from Craig at Podchains Ltd that, having met Mark from OK-Cool on Tues at OpenCoffee they went for a follow-up meeting and have now “struck up a working relationship”. I think we can chalk that up as the first deal of this OpenCoffee series! […]

OpenCoffee Bristol keeps growing

Uploaded on January 7, 2008 by wabberjocky Open Coffee continues to grow in Bristol with more new faces plus a good number of ‘regulars’. There was a definite mobile-video thing going on (at least around the conversations I heard). Matt Thurling from Science.TV (a video sharing community dedicated to science communication) was a new face […]

Rona Rockstars

This is awsome! Its sometimes difficult to explain to people what sailing training is really about. They tend to think of big square riggers a la Hornblower and the Tall Ships Youth Trust (which is part of it). Generally they believe me when I tell them that the young people do everything on board (sail […]