Shifting sands of conversation

Normally I’d be sat here writing up tonight’s event in the Watershed featuring the Pervasive Media Sandbox mid-term report / presentation thing. But I’ve already done that on Twitter. In fact there were at least 2 others twittering (@iamdanw & @sammachin) and I suspect a few others as well. The inimitable Scoble has noted that […]

BBC/AHRC Knowledge Exchange Programme

Last night was the BBC/AHRC Knowledge Exhange Programme panel discussion on collaborative learning (British Broadcasting Corporation and Arts and Humanities Research Council, Mark asked on Twitter what the AHRC was, turns out there are at least 11 AHRCs and 79 BBCs). Andrew Dubber has a pretty good write up of proceedings, there should be a […]

iGLab 2

Last night at the Pervasive Media Studio we gathered for the second iGLab. The (by now usual) silliness ensued with various games organised and played in the interests of research. If there was a comment for the next Lab it would be for a bit more reflection between games on strategies, game play, ways of […]

Meeting the Mighty Jungulator

Heading back from Coventry last week on the train I bumped in to Matthew from iamthemightjungulator fresh from a gig at Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital. After we reminisced about the Jungulator development with Futurelab and caught up on latest news, he proudly showed off the latest toy he’s playing with – 3D Harmonium. The sound it […]

The Creative Economy Programme, s’wot that then?

(I’ve just joined the Institute of Knowledge Transfer team of bloggers, this is a repost of my inaugural submission.) After a long consultation, the Government published their strategy paper ‘Creative Britain – New Talents for the New Economy‘ on Friday, 22 Feb. The commitments take their inspiration from the Work Foundation’s 2007 publication ‘Staying Ahead‘. […]