Wither animation on the web?

Last night was the launch of SkillSwap Gloucestershire, hosted by Gloucestershire Media Group. Based on the same successful formula as Brighton and Bristol, the evening brought together creative media types, digital tech types and a couple enterprising business types. The venue was kept nicely informal at the Beehive in Cheltenham and expertise was provided by […]


Exploring a new (to me) social network Taking IT Global. Based in Toronto they’ve got the usual global presence but with a more social awareness and personal activism angle. Interesting to see how this develops and the relative attention spent between all the different networking stuff going on.

Blood on the Boardroom floor

The revolving doors of senior executives are just as active at Young Enterprise companies as at Fortune 500 ones. In something of a shock move last week, StylEco decided to unseat one of their MD’s. Written warnings had been given, the HR policy had been followed and despite some dissenting voices the motion was carried. […]

New Research page

I’m always staggered by the amount of research that Sam’s doing. This has always been on her CV but never very public. So I’ve finally persuaded her to put some of the more recent links up here. As well as published work, we’re going to try and keep a running track of articles, posters and […]

Maxillofacial Conference Abstracts

Research is always fun to do. Part of that is figuring out how to actually accomplish what you want to do. However the bit which all bosses want are the outputs. After a considerable amount of trawling through medical notes, patient interviews, postal surveys and then data analysis, I and several doctors have written and […]

Sandbox winners announced

We put a submission in but were unsuccessful so well done to everyone. There’s an interesting mix of ideas. Personally I can’t wait to see what HMC and Aardman come up with on Ani-mates. Harmonize sounds like a hyped-up Treasure Hunt or Challenge Annika and I’m sure that Power-to-the-People has been done several times before […]

Going beyond – ‘teach a man to fish’

(Disclosure; I’m working with a Heliotrope, on their new product, Prelude, that we think addresses some of the challenges that Akhtar discussed relating to building individual, group and community understanding.) I was up in London on Monday evening at the SMARTLab at an invited talk by Dr Akhtar Badshah – Senior Director, Global Community Affairs, […]

We are the network

With all the furore at the moment over Facebook, Scoble and Plaxo, OpenSocial, data-portability, etc. it was refreshing to get an email from Nick at NDK Group asking to hook up and do some old-fashioned linking between our sites. Turns out he popped his name into Google and a post I wrote a few months […]

In theKnow

Got a bit overwhelmed with some work on another project, but spent a great hour or so with Sarah Baddley from Common Purpose on Friday. She’s putting together a new programme¬† and we were discussing innovation, entrepreneurship, Bristol and the West of England. The most obvious (and recent) entrepreneurial success that came to mind was […]