Return of the Rocher

Just back from the nameless crimbo shindig. Copious very good home made mulled wine with whole orange, cloves, cinnaman, etc, lots of very good cheese and a fantastic pile of Ferrero Rocher. Jaya,  Stuart and the nameless gang have had a great year taking on new projects and sticking to their ethical principles even though […]

Young Enterprise Crimbo round up

The Christmas Fair at St Nick’s in Bristol went really well with the girls making nearly £300. There was some tension amongst the ranks when the scheduling for being on the stand wasn’t adhered to and the stand was left under-staffed. In the end two more warnings were issued. There were no calls to shuffle […]

Digital Future(s)

Busy couple of days, I spent Tues at the South West Screen 1-day conference/seminar on Digital Film. The event was run as a series of interview/discussions chaired by Nick Roddick and generally flowed quite well, though there was an undercurrent that all this digital stuff was a threat to ‘proper’ film making; which of course […]

Pervasive Media planning

Following the Pervasive Media Sandbox event last week (photos here, there’s even one of me and the idea), I met up with Richard from Mobile Pie about the idea I presented and am intending to submit. We kicked a few options around and came up with a couple of tweaks that should get a functioning […]