Playing in the Sandpit

Been a hectic couple of days, and it’s going to get busier. I found out on Sunday that someone dropped out of tomorrow’s launch of the Media Sandbox here in Bristol and I was let in. There are quite a few initiatives flying around the field of pervasive media in Bristol. This funded sandbox to […]

Deadlines & Ultimata

One of the features of life in general is that things happen, quite often in a particular sequence and usually within a specific time frame. In this instance there’s a school play next week and a major sales opportunity at the St Nick‘s market that Young Enterprise SW put on for the companies. Except stylECO […]

Schmaps maps

Just found out that a photo I took of a Cornish Gig under sail outside the Cottage Inn back in the summer has been spotted and used in an online guide! So there’s a new widget on the sidebar with said establishment and loads of other places you can see photos and reviews of (I […]

World of pain

Actually the double events of the World of Learning & Festival of Innovation, both at the NEC, both today. Separated by a hundred yards but with so few attendees that you could happily walk around them in less than 30 mins and then circle back to the relevant companies. ION – innovation owners network. Prof […]

Facing down the Dragons

IoD South West – Young Directors The perennial issue of raising finance was the topic of this morning event. The speakers had some entertaining stories and Brian Dorricott from SWAIN was on hand to put the ‘Dragons’ perspective (though he was also speaking as someone that had built two successful high tech companies himself). The […]

Startups live(ish)

I was talking to Charlotte Greenman yesterday following a conversation started at the Startups Live Brisol event a while back. As a  a tele-marketeer, Charlotte was chasing me as I’d said to get back towards November (and obviously hadn’t, oops). Even though I’m not sure that my business is quite ready for the B2B services […]