WordPress rocks

Ok, not the most insightful blog post title/topic but having seen the WP2.2.1 upgrade a couple days ago, and remembering the weirdness I had with my config.php I was putting the whole thing off. Anyway, just downloaded the new files, followed the 5 Step upgrade – and low, the blog is upgraded. Now to go […]

Killer productivity tool

OK, this is coloured significantly because I’m currently working with a company in Canada, not strictly a start-up since they’ve been going 3 years (and not strictly working as I’m not getting paid, as Sam keeps reminding me 🙂 ). That time has been the founder boot-strapping his way towards the point where there’s a […]

Entrepreneurial support

Pretty much since leaving University I’ve been involved in supporting business change, either from within or as an external agent. Universities have always been pretty central to that change process (either as sources of innovation and entrepreneurial activity, or as expertise engines to support change in businesses). More recently I’ve become increasingly interested in the […]